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8,000 Miles

Quick update on Boston 2012. The weather has taken care of any decisions I needed to make on race pace. Monday’s weather is forecast to be a balmy 87ºF. The Boston Marathon organizers has written to the runners telling everyone who is not very fit to not run, and for everyone to slow down and to be very cautious. Heat can kill. They are also offering deferment, allowing runners not run, and re-use their qualifying time in 2013 (though no refunds). It’s particularly too bad for runners who have trained so hard for 3-4 months and were peaking to run a PR (personal record) on Monday. I am already qualified to run in 2013, so I am up for a fun run.

At about mile 5 on Monday I will hit mile 8,000 run over the past 3 1/2 years. Lot’s more to go.

Now, back ovens. I am going to be blogging on oven curing next. I also have some thoughts on bread that I am putting together. More to come on that.

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